October 28, 2011

home = heart

it is amazing what a huge difference tiny home improvements can make for one's headspace. i should have taken a before photos of my entryway, but i didn't. it used to have a rag rug as a doormat (always dirty, always sliding around) and a pile of shoes around it (i was raised in a shoes-off house and it's one of my favorite traditions to continue). 

i finally found this rubber-backed rug ($3 at the thrift store) and brought these two baskets out to store the main mess of our sneakers and flip-flops. so much better! every day i look at it and it makes me happy. i truly feel that our homes are a reflection of our hearts, and to keep it clean and light and feeling good is of the utmost importance.

in other news, i suppose there's not too much to report. autumn is in full-swing, complete with cold new-moon nights and lots of oven-roasted root dinners (yum). last weekend i finally got back into craft mode and took over the living room with yarn and glue, scissors and crystals. 

Asher helped, too, and i brought out the pot-holder weaving loom for him and taught him how to do it. he picked up on it so quickly, and he sat there quietly weaving cotton hot-pads as i worked on my own projects. pot-holders are one of the first craft projects i remember learning from my mom, so it was especially heartwarming to pass it on to my own son. 

and now i have new pot-holders...Asher made the one on the left all by himself (i finished the edges) and the one on the right was a collaboration. 

happy friday, friends! may the new moon magic spread to all corners of your own world, and may our children be blessed with balance as the deluge of halloween candy approaches.


  1. i remember making those post holders! now i want to find another kit, how fun! and i love thrifted finds that make a world of difference. lovely!

  2. i never learned how to make potholders, but i want to so badly. also, i have a wee dream of seeing your house, just saying. :)

  3. Lovely photos. Your home looks nice :)

    What project are you working on? It looks interesting!


  4. hey Lolo, i'm working on more of these!


    thanks for coming by. xox

  5. love the homemade pot holders. we have a kit also and they're so fun! perfect gifts for family and friends.

    love your entry baskets. aren't they the best!

  6. I'm so with you on that. It is my dream for this fall to make my home more habitable. We are both kind of...well slobs and there are certainly piles of shoes and the like around everywhere. Not acceptable. Your crafty carpet shenanigans look so inspiring. I love it!

  7. Yes, Autumn is the time when I always want to get crafty and make home improvements and cook comfort food too! Love the potholders, what a fun kid-friendly project and I've really got to get some shoe baskets in my entry as well, great idea!


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