October 26, 2011


i had a particularly bountiful day at the thrift shop last week, and came home with lots of treasures for myself and the shop. here are a couple of my favorites:

i am, in particular, very excited about my lady of roses/mother mary statuette. i've been on the hunt for her for a while, but it seems that most thrift stores don't set her out on the shelves as much as they do the porcelain teddy bears and stranded wise men. i also wanted mary with roses, and here she not only wears a crown of them, but in her hands she holds one as though it is the world.

it was this summer that i finally had my most significant communion with mary. i was raised by a recovering catholic, and so mary was always in my life, but i never really felt that connected to her. (the most powerfully i ever felt her presence was through the classic beatles song, "let it be", which moved me immensely as a young girl and was one of the first songs that made me feel that ancient, deep-hearted ache of sadness and joy).  however, on my many summer adventures i embarked upon a journey wherein she literally came to me, and it all made sense. and the roses! being a rose myself, i have always had an affinity for these flowers, but, wrapped up with the magic of mary, i had another discovery of roses' true magic. it's all entertwined.

mary and roses.


  1. Hey Sweetness! What treasures you have found in my absence. Thank you for sharing them. Let it be was a big, spiritual piece of my childhood too, there's something so holy about that song and I remember experiencing it powerfully.

  2. Wow, I really love this post. Thank you for sharing your treasure and story, it is very touching.

  3. what gorgeous finds, lucky girl! and how can anyone NOT love that song? such a classic and important anthem.

  4. mary is my homegirl from way back. when i was in second grade and in catholic school, i decided to become a nun. i spent two weeks coming straight from school into my room to say my rosary under my glow in the dark Our Lady of Fatima statue. then i got over it. but my love for mary has never faded. beautiful statue.


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