November 14, 2011

mirror mirror on the wall

ohhhh my, here it is, monday again! i've been whirling all around Northern California this past week, leaving little time for things like emails and blogs....and my oh my i feel a bit behind now. c'est la vie. yesterday i arrived home from Fairfax where i stayed with some wonderful friends and did another photoshoot with the ever-amazing Matt Sharkey (more on that later).

if you haven't seen, i've been posting lots of beautiful jewelry by Adorn by Mari in my shop. so much amazingness abounds. pure magic, truly.

porcupine quill and deer antler necklace
mixed metal alchemy bracelet

here's Mari and i a couple weeks ago at the Chikoko fashion show.....a Chico tradition filled with fun, flesh, and fashion. i wore a mixture of thrifted new stuff and vintage, and a beautiful necklace that my grandmother made back in the day.
at the show (mari in the middle, me on the right); photo via three sixty ecotique
on left, me with Amber & her ladies
cocktails & bathroom photos


  1. Too cute! You guys look like you're having the best time. Life is so much more important than blogs and stuff. Trust me. I'm all up on my logs, because I can't spend extended periods of time outside but man, I'd rather be dancing.

  2. holy cats mama--you're so beautiful! i mean, i already knew that, but it still strikes me. :) and i LOVE that bracelet!


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