November 7, 2011

monday morning

ahhhh at last i am here, having survived one of the busiest, most hard-working weeks of my life. it was amazing, so much work for so much joy, so much exhaustion and so much sleep, and finally, i am starting to feel normal again. the Hillstomp Gathering was a huge success - a beautiful, fiery gathering of glowing hearts and good music, and brave souls who weathered the cold. as soon as the sun rose, many of us began cleaning up and breaking down, and most people around us lent a hand, just to be kind. i really should write more about it now, but i don't quite have the words yet. i made this photo (i took the snapshots while we were setting up) to thank everyone who made it happen:

i wasn't able to make it to the grand opening on saturday of a new boutique in town (for which i made the harnesses mentioned in my last post), and i've not seen many photos yet, but i can't wait until they surface. i stocked the shop (BOHO) with a load of cool harnesses, and was also featured in the photography exhibit at the shop by Kyle Delmar. do you see me?

more photos of recent wonderments soon. xo



  1. What a beautiful shot. I'm glad it was a success, yo. And hooray for the new boutique! Sounds like such fun. Hey, call me wednesday or tomorrow nite? I'm so so bored.

  2. Wow, congrats on pulling off what sounds like such an epic event! Would love to hear more about it, when you find the words, of course ;)


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