May 9, 2012

crafty: repurposed doily dream catchers

Originally inspired by Lune vintage, I began creating these repurposed doily dream catchers last year. these ones in particular I created for a friend's art show last month; they hung from the ceiling to complement his paintings. I just listed them in my shop.

I love taking something old and making it into something new. I love using things that remind us of grandmothers - crocheted doilies, crystals from an old chandelier. Lately I have been thinking a lot about Grandmothers and how they are the lifeline to our past. They hold the secrets of our ancestry, they know about the women who are in our blood. Often, we don't realize this until it is too late to ask ask particulars about what our great-great-grandmothers cooked in the kitchen, what crafts they loved all those generations ago. So many secrets slumber in the grandmothers' memories.


  1. Oh wow, these are so dreamy. I've been a bad bloggy friend lately, but I'm stoked to see so many awesome posts from you!

  2. I adore jill's blog, I some similar recently, I love the little extras you added.



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