May 19, 2012

farm life farm wife: some photos

finally, finally life is settling into a more rhythmic pace. this past winter seemed to be all about the un-rhythm, the parts in between the beats where secret stories lie. and then, Spring! here in California it very much feels like Summer already. lots of long sunny days and blazing sunsets - even more blazing on the big agricultural days when the sun lowers itself through an atmosphere of dirt and dust. my, those dirty sunsets are red and beautiful. here are a few photos of bits and pieces of my every-day.

when we first moved in here, i planted a tiny porch-garden on the back deck - lettuce, chard, kale, cilantro and mint. now i've finally gotten my "real" garden built and planted also, but i love the porch greens...and they are so close to my kitchen. i swear, i used to be a non-believer in the kale salad hype, but these past few days - i may be a convert now. 

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  1. your new place looks amazing! :) i realized that i wasn't getting your updates on my blogroll, God knows why. but i fixed it. :)


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