May 29, 2012

heartmelters and other delicious things (or, pregnancy part 2)

"Mother and infant are designed to be a dynamic that activates in each nature's agenda for nurturing and well-being. The infant unlocks in the mother a wisdom and knowledge gained over eons as the mother unlocks in the infant the intelligence to be fully human"

-Joseph Chilton Pearce, The Biology of Transcendence 

Once again, thank you for all your comments over here. I cannot even pretend that I am not tremendously affected by such an outpouring of kind words. Friends both old (very old) and new wrote with their thoughts and memories and it was such a joy to read through everything. It's like when you find an old letter, or and old journal entry that had been forgotten: a quick lightning bolt of memory electrifies the atmosphere and everything seems to shift, just slightly.  It is exciting to read the comments from the other mamas who had their babies very young and also "gave up" their 20s to the large project of motherhood.

 It is a special thing we share, us mothers, and to share the experience of mothering so young feels good to me. It is a sigh of relief; the recognition of a secret code. 

Jeff Battocletti, Our Lady of Hollywood

 As promised, my next post on this topic will be about my birthing experience, which was very positive. Some other topics that rise up while writing all of this are a bit more complex and harder to pull apart - like the subject of my relationship during this chapter, or the enormous heft of disappointment that I could feel from people who loved me. Though with love comes support, many people could not mask their fear and doubt (understandably so) about my decision to move forward in this particular direction. Perhaps, in the future, i will revisit these rich and sticky subjects with clarity and eloquence; we shall see. 

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