June 9, 2012

and here the birds sing

from my back porch i have a vast view of the sunset, which in these past few months, has been consistently beautiful. often, it is red and fiery (like to photo below), and other days, it settles slowly in a spread of pastels. i have never lived in a house where i can see so much sky. 

here, the birds sing so loudly in the morning that it wakes me up each day; a sure-fire alarm clock right outside my window. though i don't know which species of birds comprise the entire orchestra, i've been able to pick a few out (most notable and my least favorite - the woodpecker); and over time, i notice how they change. one morning i'll be awakened by a birdsong i've never heard before. this whole process, though subtle, has made me much more aware of the constant natural cycle that moves right outside my door. similarly, rather than noticing as i did in previous years that the crickets were now singing, i noticed the very night they started. as i folded laundry in my room with the window open and as the daylight faded, i suddenly heard crickets. the frogs were silent and the crickets had taken their sonic place. just like that. all in a day.

(the second photo above is of some stinging nettles that i'm trying to grow in a pot so that they don't spread wildly near my house. i would say the experiment is not a huge success, though i have made a few cups of tea so far).


  1. cultivating nettles is so funny. i planted 8 billion seeds this spring, and only two survived and are just now looking vital in my plot. however, they show up all over my container garden as volunteers! truly wild medicine...they are not to be tamed!

    i love that you notice the shifting seasons with the succession of animal calls. i have a similar experience here, with the arrival of migratory mama birds. but frogs and crickets...oh love. probably the number one reason i really want to move. xoxo

  2. *Sigh*

    Beginning with birdsong and ending with glorious sunsets and critters chirping... what wonderful bookends to your days! I'm so glad you're finding magic in your new home Sadie, and soaking it all in it seems :)

    It was great to see you in Nevada city, I enjoyed hanging out and getting to hear a bit about your new life first hand.

    I'm also glad you switched back to Blogger because for some reason I couldn't get your blog to show post updates on me reader before, and now I can, yay!


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