June 29, 2012

mara hruby

i know i've posted about Mara Hruby before, but she deserves another post. this woman is my current modern style icon. she is incredibly beautiful and is always wearing a clever fusion of classic/vintage/exotic/creative clothing, while rocking amazing hair and killer jewelry. INSPIRATION. she is a Bay Area musician, and you can download her EP for free (and you should) and I follow her on instagram for the outfit-drool factor.  about her music, she says, “My sound/style comes from what I have experienced in life. I feel my sound is organic, distinct, melodic, eclectic, and filled with sensitivity. To say the least, I’d call my music a melodic melting pot.”

in a time where i spend much of my time in leggings or a t-shirt and panties (blessed be this sun-filled luxurious life!!), i have to feed my fashion and textile love through observation more so than practice. now that i live out in the country, my relationship with fashion has changed even further, and my personal style (comfort) dominates over artistic expression. this is not to say that if there is an occasion i don't dress up. i will always dress for an occasion. but in the city, there is the opportunity for constant creation in fashion - each day on the streets is an interactive project in personal style, and it is, in its ancient way, delightful.

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  1. gorgeous. you can tell that she really just wears what she likes.


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