June 22, 2012

the orchards in june

Not long ago i posted a few photos from behind the scenes at a recent photoshoot. today, i get to post a few previews of the results. we took, literally, over a thousand photos that day, and i can only imagine that the result is an overwhelming catalog of loveliness and light. i think i mentioned before that these photos are part of a project that will culminate in a gallery showing and a very limited-edition printed book. any of you San Francisco peeps, the show will be on September 15th, and though i can't remember where it is, i'll post more about it as time goes by. 

i'm not sure if these photos are too risque for blogger, but c'est la vie - one must follow her heart. it was all just as fun as it looks. many thanks to the women in these photos and to photographer Matt Sharkey. 

(photos copyright matt sharkey photography)

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  1. um.... im in love. ive done shoots like this (similar in essence) but never had the bravery to post. im soooo glad you did! girl, you are gorgeous, and so are your friends. mmmm...


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