June 14, 2012

she knows it

this has been a very busy week (it's Asher's last week of school) and i've hardly been in front of the computer at all. even now, i'm squeezing in a small moment between tooth-brushing and storytime. we turned on the swamp cooler today for the very first time. brreeeeezy delicious. it is HOT here in the summertime. 

last weekend i got to be a quadrant in a foursome of girls doing a photoshoot with the aforementioned Matt Sharkey. i won't post any teasers yet, but it was a glorious, sunny day that we celebrated with laughter, nakedness, peaches, and cocktails. oh, and photographs. this particular group of ladies was so delightful, words cannot even express it right now. here are a few behind-the-scenes photos i snapped on my phone. 

Sharkey is working on a photography project that will culminate with a gallery showing in SF in September, and a limited-edition book of the selected photographs. i am very excited. 

on a much different note, i've been really loving mountain follows sea lately, the blog-child of photographer stephanie claire. i love her simple and stunning imagery. 

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  1. can't wait to see the photos! will you let me know when the show is in SF? perhaps i could make it.

    also, those last photos are inspiring. sometimes i forget that i could just take pictures as art, rather than trying to document. thank you.


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