July 3, 2012

the magic oracle jar

over the past few months, Asher had been asking me for a Magic 8 Ball. my standard response for requests like these is that i will get him one if he can find it at a thrift store. like most magical children with thrift-savvy genetics, he usually manages to manifest his desires on a thrift store shelf in due time (like the time he found strap on skis and poles for $1!!). the magic 8 ball still hadn't surfaced, however, and so he took matters into his own hands and created a homemade version which he called his "magic oracle jar." 

he came up with the idea and concept all on his own, and asked the man of the house to cut him a cube of wood to write the "answers" on. i was, (as a loving mother, of course) entirely impressed with his invention and creation of something he wanted, and i was thrilled that he took it into his own hands to make an otherwise junky and plastic toy into something so cool and low-impact. (also: in the first photo, you can see his DIY felt-tip marker zombie makeup. sigh).

i wanted to share this for the cuteness factor AND for any other kids that want to make their own oracle jars. this one was disassembled after a few days because we didn't seal the wooden cube with anything, and so it began to get waterlogged. however, the only materials he used were a mason jar, the wooden cube, water, and paper for the label. and of course, the ever-trusty sharpie.


  1. this is actually really clever!

  2. hope you don't mind, i mentioned you in my field guide this week : )


    thanks for the non-stop inspiration!

  3. SO cool- what a smart lil guy you've got there!!! :D


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