July 5, 2012


finally, finally, finally - i've made some more jewelry . as i've mentioned, my winter this past year was all about moving. packing and unpacking, uprooting and re-rooting. cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. and rest. a lot of rest was needed with all of that. packing up and moving my tremendous craft room was challenging; and, as with any move, i let a lot of things go. my new craft room is smaller, but it is nonetheless a craft room and it is mine. i have finally hung my inspirational pieces from my walls and windows, and i have organized my components so that they can be found when i need them. 

once this was all done, i lifted my box of jewelry-making supplies from its shelf and, at long last, opened it. 


you see, a big theme right now (for me, at least) is movement. keep it moving. move forward. choose wisely; own your choices. to paraphrase another quote i heard this week, "whatever you are capable of - begin it." it is my personal challenge to always be aware of which cosmic theme is threading itself through my life in each moment - some are fleeting, and some are more long-lasting. beyond simply being aware of the themes, it is also my duty to honor them and to activate them.

so you see, it is not that i am necessarily so pleased with actually having these earrings and necklaces in my hands; rather, it is the fact that i made them that thrills me. activation.

it's also funny, because after having gotten rid of so much stuff, and then having not actually used my stuff in months, a lot of my materials reminded me of "the past." they are all pieces and parts that i gathered sort of a while ago, now, and while they are beautiful, i can tell that what i am gathering now will be different...everything is always changing slightly. perhaps you can relate to the moment wherein you realize that one thing in your closet that used to define you - was your prize garment - it fit you perfectly and helped you express your heart - and suddenly you realize you haven't worn it in a year. and then, maybe two years. and then you think, "is it time to let it go? really??"

to celebrate summer and sacred movement, i am going to giveaway lots of my jewelry this month. here on my own blog i'll give away some earrings next week, and then i have some giveaways planned later in the month on other blogs, too. i'm very excited to be making stuff and i'm very excited also to send it out to all of you. xo


  1. very exciting! and i LOVE that quote. it's exactly what i needed to hear and is SO true!

  2. love what you had to say here. i am in a constant state of flux, of moving things out. i once heard that if you can't give anything away, then why would God bless you with anything new? i think that's sort of right...

    and OH. those feather earrings. oh my heart. LOVE.

  3. well, those first ones NEED to be in my ears... : )


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