July 1, 2012


early last week i helped a girlfriend organize and direct a photoshoot for her jewelry line. as with all photoshoots i do, it ended up being a really fun group of women getting together to produce something really beautiful and creative. this particular shoot was interesting because none of the other girls had met each other before, and everything flowed smoothly and was wonderfully efficient (the best). 

local (to Chico) photographer Melanie MacTavish graced us with her talents and produced some really gorgeous shots. Melanie looks like a fairy (in a really good way) and has eyes that look like they grew out of a glacial spring. so amazing. she is also very talented (always a wonderful combination - magic eyes and earthly talent) and it was the first time i've ever worked with her. i'm so glad i did! she was so professional and i love her photos - i can't wait to work with her again. i'm always impressed with anyone who can take good jewelry shots - i personally find them kind of difficult. here are some photos from our morning shooting in the park, and later this week i will post some of the final photos.

this last photo is a picture of some of the millions of tiny, motherfucking burrs that attached themselves in tiny armies to our feet, legs, and my beautiful silk dresses. some of them even managed to climb their way up to our underwear.  i learned a powerful lesson in patience (picking said burrs out of said silk), and also a powerful lesson that i will share with the rest of you: don't wear silk dresses in Upper Bidwell Park right now. omg.

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