July 11, 2012

side by side

last month, Amber posted a selection of photos from her shop as a solstice lookbook. these photos capture so perfectly the dreaminess that is the northern california summer. this is, truly, the golden state. here i'm posting some of the photos interspersed with various lines pulled from the poetry and love letters in my archives. 

(all photos by Simon Weller, via Violet Folklore)


you are the mirror of a thousand stories I've kept in my heart since eternity.

 we will recharge and re-align, find new light in hidden corners and find new ways to illuminate with the light that is already here.  

I am astounded still; I am a flicker of light in your sun-kissed eye, I am the beating of your heart, I am the breeze licking your shoulder while you sleep.

 and with that, I send you my own blessings and my own love.  The roots push deeper into the earth with every setting of the sun, and my heart unfolds her wings.   


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