July 31, 2012

the color of summer

soon, it will be my birthday. on august 1, i will turn 30 years old. finally! at last! having a baby when i was 22 often made it seem as though i was 35 all through my 20s, and now as i finally approach my third decade, it seems unsurprising - expected. but my birthday, august 1, has always seemed to me to be the very heart of summer. the zenith. the peak of it all. it is not early summer, but it is not yet deep summer. it is the very moment where the two change places. on my birthday the sun seems to change a bit, the radiant light of summer shifts ever so slightly and on the wind you can smell it - the first undercurrent of a distant autumn. this is precisely what has always made my birthday feel so special to me. don't you understand? i would think to myself as a girl. my birthday marks the exact cosmic midpoint of summer! i am a child born from the heart of summer! 

we should all as children be blessed with this certainty of our own magic.

in harmony with this season of fiery hearts, the sunsets have been beyond epic here and cast a reddish-golden light on all the trees and walls around my house. every day i am amazed.  and of course, there is the golden tomato harvest. these guys came up in droves as volunteers in my veggie beds, so i have a lot of them.

Milla, as she often does, says it best:

"and now, it's high summer, the languid, manic, strawberry kissed high-summer.  And from here on out, it will last forever." 




  1. Welcome to your third decade! I remember my thirtieth birthday (I'm 31 now) it felt so special to me :) Like I was finally at this place where I had experienced a good amount of life (and given birth to two wonderful boys), but I was also very eager for what was to come next and feeling much more comfortable with who I am so far and just EXCITED for life! Enjoy your day tomorrow! Wising you all the best! xo

  2. It's true about the light. Just last night Lucas and I took notice that it appeared to be getting darker earlier. It was the first time that it really seemed apparent.

    Happiest of Birthdays to you Sadie! May your own fiery heart be filled with love and magic, today and all throughout this new decade of life <3


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