August 1, 2012

William Miller - Ruined Polaroids

completely enchanted by the Ruined Polaroids photoproject by William Miller. photographs are so thrilling to me in their endless incarnations, possibilities, and projections. how they can, arguably, capture a moment "as it was," but at the same time they can capture a moment so not as it was. a frozen slice of a moment can be limitless in its ultimate definition and emotional evocation. these, though, are less about captured moments and more about mystic creations. i love them. they look like places i want to visit.


  1. these are fantastic! thanks for sharing them!

  2. k was literally just standing over me with a polaroid camera lamenting her lack of film! lloooovvve polaroids...

    happy birthday to you! xo

  3. i love these. i love art that could maybe but not quite be accidental. :)


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