September 28, 2012

I really, really love you

oh my dear friends, i just want you to know i am always reading your blogs and filling my heart up with your love and beauty. some of you women that i have found on here mean so much to me, you anchor certain parts of my dreams and reality, and i derive so much from seeing your photos and hearing your wise words, knowing what it is you observe in each day and each season. 

here are a few photos of my life on instagram lately....i am hoping to be back next week with more thoughts of my own. 

happy full moon, may it fill your dreams with big colors and bright stories.


  1. full moons often make me have sex dreams. often starring bob harper. :p

  2. what lovely little corners of your world!

  3. great photos! even though i follow you on instagram, i missed a couple of these.

  4. lots of love to you and yours, these images are lovely. I'm glad you're publishing them here too since I'm not on instagram. I can't even imagine what I'm missing ;)


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