September 17, 2012

things that grow here

a few things i've managed to gather and make this past season:

my calendula patch is bursting. calendula was presented to me once in a psychic reading as a necessary medicine for my health. since then, i've had a special relationship with it and used it for lots of healing...i'm also a leo, and so calendula is part of my fiery/sun constitution. my beds of it look like earthen sunlight. i've been harvesting and drying it to make calendula oils. 

i also managed to make it down to the creek in chico last month in time to harvest the bountiful elderberries that grow there. they are currently steeping in brandy and honey in the shadowy shelves of my pantry. winter tincture preparations. 

this next project i started earlier in the summer....our land here is loaded with manzanita. in the springtime rains, the wood turns an amazing color of red - blood red manzanita magic. anytime i go for a walk, i collect endless sitcks because they have such pretty hues and such perfectly natural shapes. this piece i found and wanted to make a coat hook out of it. at first, i liked it as it was - but once i started sanding it, i was seduced by the soft and sensuous glow it took on. 

i sanded the whole piece and then (with help from my sweet man) oiled it; and he carved out small places so that we could screw the hooks onto a flat surface. 

i love it. it now hangs on the wall by our front door, complete with coats on it.

how about you? did you manage to make things with the summer bounty? i've noticed that sometimes, even unbeknownst to us, we are creating and benefiting from the season's offerings.


  1. oh my gosh! I love the manzanita bough coat hanger. beauteous. fall bounty collecting has been a little too slow around here, but I expect it to pick up this week.

  2. mmmm, i feel nourished just from the pics! manzanita is my grows all over shasta co. and i just made sugar from the berries this year. the red bark and the color of the leaves is the perfect combo, in my opinion. :D live near chico? now i'm very curious where you are. i know all that area well. kindred connections abound! and also, thank you for the reminder to harvest elderberries...i have to get on that! love to you sadie!

  3. love your projects. :) i've been making all sorts of herbal vinegar's and things, trying to get ready for the winter.

  4. what a beautiful hanger! love it!
    greetings :)

  5. Mmmmm, I've been planning to endow a branch with some hooks myself! So far, I haven't found the right piece. I use Calendula oil on my face...i love it and rave about it to anyone who will listen. (usually I just get vacant stares though)

  6. the manzanita coat hanger is gorgeous! and calendula oil sounds fabulous.

    i made tomato sauce and macrame plant hangers with branches and driftwood from yosemite. and now that fall is upon us i plan picking up the ole crochet hook :D

  7. make your calendula oil fresh!! spritz it with a little vodka to help it break down...let it dry out from that ( this helps 'predigest' because of the flowers super resin-y center) and then stick it in your olive oil and let it sit out in the sunshine!! yummy healing calendula oil. how wonderful!!

  8. I love manzanita. I grew up with it and think its just the best. I even like the dusty little berries. But, what I really want to say is that that coat hanger is beautiful and brilliant.

  9. That turned out absolutely amazing! I have a similar hanger in my kitchen that I hang my aprons on-- so great to have a piece of the woods inside.


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