September 8, 2012


total madness ensued this week with the return of the school schedule. lunches, laundry, early mornings (alarms! ick!), long drives, short evenings, tired children. i did pretty well, though...i  managed to pack most of Asher's lunches the night before, and i discovered that if i lay out his outfit the night before, he gets up and puts it on right away, rather than cruising around in his underwear until right before we need to leave. one night i even pre-made pancake batter and kept it in the fridge for the morning. 

these are my changes, see? what small things can i do to make the larger things easier?

already the contrast from summer to fall is so clear - my long days of endless lounging are now behind me, slowly simmering and fading with the season. now, this friday (today) was pure gold - a treasure at the end of the tunnel. tgif to the max.

a few photos from the other evening; parts of my home and myself in this moment between seasons. 

the man of the house built this porch bathtub the other day, which i must admit is just as wonderful as it sounds. such a treat will be useful in all seasons. really, i'm so excited for fall. not just because we can wear layers and boots and sweaters and socks, but because it means it's time for renewal, again - as every change in season reminds us. time to clean the closets, to let go of what we don't need, and - above all - to make warm soup for everyone. 


  1. Oh I need to hear more about this porch bathtub! Love that question - what small things can I do to make the larger things easier? I need to jump on that bandwagon.

  2. your place looks beautiful love. :) and i'm working on the smaller things too, for sure.

  3. Love the porch bathtub!

  4. whoah, pretty house Sadie, I love what I can see, there is a homey, comforting feel about it. And i LOVE exposed wood in a house. I concur as to the busyness of school life and the routines that you encounter along the way....lunches...morning rush...homework. great to get to know you lady.


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