October 25, 2012

through the woods

Asher and i went to visit my mom this week, at Lake Tahoe. we were planning on going on monday, but big-time snow was in the forecast, so we jumped in the car sunday night to beat the storm - which we did! that meant we were safe and cozy at mom's house for the blizzard that did indeed arrive late that night. 

it is so beautiful there. 

we just got back yesterday, after taking the train from truckee to colfax (thanks to Amber for the idea!). hope you all are cozy, wherever you are.


  1. sounds like a lovely getaway. glad you guys are home safe. <3

  2. What a beautiful place! Somewhere you can just breathe :)

  3. Amazing photographs Sadie! I've been to Lake Tahoe a few time, it really is beautiful there. Hope you all had a great time!


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