October 19, 2012


the days go swiftly by, my heart rides gratefully on the winds of change. though the rains have not yet come (soon, they say, soon), i feel the energy of water getting closer, her gracious fluidity smoothing the relentless edges of her brother, fire. when it rains, the land on which i live turns blood red and water flows down the hillsides in countless veins.

our grassy lawn is starting to come back to life. where there once was only brown and red (in the lawn and beyond), green is able to sustain itself once again. there is dew in the night. the evening breeze brings promises of moisture. water is so feminine by nature. after a summer filled with fiery energy i can feel my whole world straining in anticipation for water - physically and energetically. the first frog has begun its song. 

monday of this week, Asher turned 8. EIGHT!!! I am proud of both of us for coming so far. it seems like just yesterday i was staring in shock at my tiny newborn being, wondering how i would ever make it through the first three months. i was hoping to post his birth story on the blog the other day, but it will have to wait until next week. 

happy weekend my beloved friends! here are a few recent photos that make me happy.

earring photoshoot for sanfranblissco
new earrings from Kyra at Weave Gold
me, Claire and Asher hanging out, taking pics (earrings by Claire Fong); photo by Melanie MacTavish
boots again
okay, not recent - this was when he was 2. but i just found it and it is soooo cute!!


  1. he's so lovely isn't he! I too am wondering how I will cope with a newborn...yikes!

  2. Hah! Our boys are the same age! It's a GREAT age too. I also have a little almost 5 yo girl. and have started to get a little nervous about her going to school soon; my sidekick, my giver of cuddles, my lil lady. They are my blessings.


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