November 28, 2012

berries and potions

over the summer, despite being perpetually exhausted and mildly depressed (aka my journey with adrenal burnout - more on that later), i managed to get down to the creek in Chico and harvest elderberries. i steeped them in brandy and raw honey, and then, just a few weeks ago, removed the large jars from their dark cupboard and began straining and bottling the dark medicinal liquid that had brewed.

it was really quite fun and made a HUGE mess! there was red liquid all over the kitchen - i just had to roll with it because there wasn't much i could do about it. i brewed the tonic in large glass jars, and then i filtered it all into one extra large jar before pouring it, finally, into 4 oz tincture bottles. 

the elderberry tonic tastes very medicinal, almost like robitussin. i haven't had an illness to treat with it yet, but i've had some just to taste it and feel it. it is so exhilarating having medicine that i made myself! don't you think? i know lots of you ladies have had experiences with this, many of you are always brewing magical potions. 

i ended up with about 15 bottles of the tincture, and i also bottled some rosemary and vinegar hair tonic that i had been steeping for a while - less time, though - probably about 4 weeks on the hair tonic. the hair tonic i made with rosemary all harvested from my yard. 

yay! medicine for days. if anyone wants a bottle of either ($20 for elderberry, $10 for hair tonic), let me know. i am having a trunk show in Oakland on December 8, and I plan on taking some bottles there, but I'd love to trade for other medicines or creations, too. 

the trunk show is being held at a private residence and so it is invitation-only, but to any of my bay area friends - please come! you can contact me for location information.


  1. Oh man, I love elderberry! I wish we had it here. I'm so impressed with you and your witchy magic and your energy (I hope the trunk show means you're back in full swing) Would love to trade for some rosehip syrup. I hope we get to catch up soon. As usual I feel hopelessly behind in emails and such, but I have been thinking about my reading question. Have a happy trunk show and I'll get to catching up on all your lovely posts.


  2. elderberry is the cure all be all for me in the winter. i usually take lozenges the second i feel a tickle in my throat, and it works miracles. i can't drink alcohol, or else i would absolutely try your tincture!

    have a great show and a lovely season!


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