November 26, 2012

giving thanks

we've had incredible late-november days here lately, where the sunlight is golden and warm during the earlier hours. of course, as soon as the sun disappears (which happens so early now), the temperature drops instantly and the wintery air envelops us again. not that i mind, because it means we get to have fires in the woodstove every day - we blow on the embers to restart the fire in the morning even before we brew our first cups of tea. fire is such a comforting winter ritual. (so is tea, of course).

i'm so thankful for all of these creatures pictured here. they are the beings who keep me warm and protected and laughing and loving. this big front porch is our family gathering space, a glorious place for tea and coffee, books and naps; and no matter how often i clean it, it is constantly blessed with the clutter of comfort and life. 


  1. It looks like a relaxing space indeed. I'm loving not having fires at the moment, except for lighting the outside fire if we have friends over for bbq; i'm finally able to wear the nightgown you sent me without any chill! The cooler months bring people together in a different way than the warmer social months. I think we hunker down and appreciate each other more in the cooler times. More time for intimacy. Love your dogs, your german shepherd-esque dog looks like my dog...btw i put a post about your swap package. thanks again hon.

  2. love that porch! :) we've had the stove lit too, and sometimes light the firepit out back. my husband and i bundle up and watch the stars until the cold gets to us.

  3. I love that!! "blessed with the clutter of comfort and life"

  4. Wonderful. There's nothing better than the comfort of home.


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