November 13, 2012

Mystic Moon

WOW! big beautiful times abound. today is the new moon and the solar eclipse, so i believe portals are widening and opportunities to renew ourselves abound. i am feeling so grateful for the cold winter season that approaches. 

today, in conjunction with the new moon, the winter lookbook from the Bohemian Collective goes live. it is gorgeous, of course, filled with beautiful art by many amazing women.

i'd like to express my deep thanks here for all the women that are part of this collective, and particularly Laura, who spends hours and hours creating the lookbooks. beyond being beautiful eye-candy, the lookbook is also a form of community expression; we are each a part of it because we feel something similar in our creations and in our creative intent. 

i have a jacket, a headband, and a dreamcatcher in the lookbook - i'll post photos of the LB+L stuff soon!


  1. It's sooo Awesome!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your pieces in it my lady!!!

  2. sadie! what a work of art. you should be so proud. can't wait to own as much as i can. :)

  3. I was at school today with my littlest one for a short playtime the solar eclipse was well and truly apparent. You were one of the blog ladies that came to mind as I started snapping away with my camera. btw The Lookbook is just freaking gorgeous. x


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