November 14, 2012

Mystic Visions

Here is a first installment of some select photos from the Mystic Moon lookbook that launched yesterday. Big thanks to Christy Jay, from whose blog I borrowed these snapshots. I personally couldn't figure out how to get screenshots from the lookbook. So excited about these images and about this collaboration. As I mentioned in my blog post yesterday, a big part of what makes this so meaningful for me is the connectedness and community that has sprung from this project. I think that each woman in this collective, (though we are undoubtedly all so different in our human natures) share a love and awe of the mystic and magical. Each of us holds this in our hearts and so it is channeled outward through our hands and into our art. Creation is ritual, our products are symbols and amulets, treasures from time and space.


  1. You are all amazing women and creators. The lookbook looks fantastic! What a wonderful collaboration, it's just outstanding to witness all of it come together so beautifully. xo

  2. Glad i could help out!! Meanwhile i thought i was doing it the lazy way. Love it, I'm also so glad we could collaborate, the internet makes so many things possible that would not otherwise be!

  3. my heart beams to have you a part of this collaborative project sadie, xo.

  4. so beautiful! your feed hasn't updated in my reader for so long, I'm glad I popped by to see if you had updates. Did you change your URL or feed settings at all? I've been having feed issues myself so I'm curious :)

    Coffee or prosecco soon?


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