November 8, 2012

sharing the love

today over at Adelaide's Homesewn, shop owner and new mother Maria is wearing a beautiful 1940s dress that she bought from my shop long ago. i had just been thinking about this particular dress the other day. it's funny, in selling vintage - some items disappear from my memory just as fast as they disappear from my racks, but some things really stay in my mind for a long time. here she is:

Maria, over the course of the past couple years or so, has shared a very moving story of her journey with adopting a child. her Etsy shop originally started as a project to fund her dream of adoption.

also, today over on Gypsie Sister there is a great guestpost by Moondaughter on relating to and reading your tarot and oracle cards. this is something i've been thinking about a lot (still) and educating myself with more and more, so i liked reading the post. 

I know i talked a long time ago about how Asher and i used to go through the tarot deck each night - at his request (let's play tarot, mama!). that particular phase has passed, but i still have two decks that i use and look at daily. both decks were gifts from my mother. i have also  been practicing doing 3-card readings with women in my life who feel open to practicing with me. it is SO so fun and exhilarating to do these readings. i love it. 

lately i've been wanting to call in the right oracle deck - more of a wisdom deck than a structured tarot deck. do any of you have oracle decks that you love? i feel drawn to an animal medicine deck as this year has had heightened animal spirit medicine for me in general but i'd love to  hear about any decks that you all have and love.


  1. whoah, that dress looks beautiful on her! I haven't had my cards read in .....years....I might have been 20? Something I'd like to experience again though. I'm loving catching up on your old blog. keep on girl. oh, and you asked me how to get a blog in your dashboard, i think when you're in dashboard, in the lower left hand side are the blogs you read? from memory if you select that, then there should be an option to add/manage around those parts- then you can add a blog by copying the URL into a box? haha, I'm sorry I'm pretty crappy at giving instructions so good luck my dear, but at least i tried! x

  2. Hey Gorgeous! I have just been catching up on your blog today as I am sitting at work in an Organic skin and body care shop in Bondi Beach, Australia. Not many customers means lots of reading and oohing and aweing for me over this beautiful photos and poems :) It bizarre to be looking at these photos in the off season (being in the Southern Hemisphere were stating summer here) But if offers me a chance to embrace winter magik into my being in the summer and I am sure I will gladly embrace summer warmness into my winter browsing as well :)Anyways there is a Native American oracle deck that I love called "The Sacred Path."
    I am really into animal medicine to and would love to hear of any animal decks. Peace and Love, Happy Holy-days!!


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