November 6, 2012

these things inspire me

this is sooo how i feel right now. this is my ultimate challenge to myself - to create what i can within the means i have given myself at this moment in my life. 

i think it is this process that gets us to where we want to be. 

then, there are beautiful things that inspire me, like this photo of Vivienne Westwood in her glory as our lady of roses. (photo by Tim Walker for Vogue, 2009). 

i really think that beauty - beyond being beautiful - is a guide for things that feed our soul and spirit. because beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, it is a personal map for each of our hearts. 

also, these words just crossed my path and i love them:

"...the struggle is to live an authentic life. Often, being comfortable and courting the illusion of safety cannot coexist with being authentically who you are. Anytime I have drastically changed my life - which has happened a number of times and, I hope, will happen many more - it's always been a mixture of terror and exhiliration and discovery. But, I believe that being surprised and being somewhere that's uncomfortable because it's unknown is really one of the main rules to live by."
 -susan sarandon


  1. love this and i completely agree. God created beauty to move us and to keep us inspired.

  2. I totally agree with you. today gets us to tomorrow.
    I try to revel in the beauty that exists everywhere. It feeds my soul. And what a great quote too!

  3. Risk is so hard. But Susan is right, it is also LIFE.

  4. i read that i the main purpose of nature is beauty. i found that interesting and have pondered it since. i love that first quote too. i think i have it pinned on pinterest :D


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