December 12, 2012


Recently I was contacted by a woman named Suzy who explained that in an attempt to keep marketing costs low, she was contacting other similar-minded mothers to co-promote. I fully support this approach, and so Suzy sent me a sweet shirt from her online shop - Hip Mountain Mama - to wear on the blog. 

Soooo soft, you guys. I am a sucker for soft tees. Plus, the print matches my lichen:

In order to model the shirt, I of course had to pick out an outfit. Most of my outfits (okay, maybe all) are some variation on leggings and a shirt. Lawd i love my spandex. If i wear something else for a while, I usually regret it and then change into leggings again as soon as possible. To spice this outfit post up a bit, though - I added (drumroll please)... cutoffs! And of course, my beloved boots (that I have worn all day everyday for years). I love this outfit because it is so authentically me. Leggings and a comfy tee, with a vest and shorts layered on top. Even when I "dress up," it is usually a shiny and black version of this outfit. and my formal outfits also involve the cutoffs, in case you were wondering. 

Isn't the background in this so great? I feel like the lighting is just right so that it almost looks like one of those fake Sears backdrops (did your parents ever take you to do that?). It rained last night and the land was all wet and full and dewey and refreshed. I love mornings like that. 

However, to keep the outfit even more authentic, the dogs added some mud. It's not a day in the country without some mud on your clothes. 

As long as I can feel soft and cozy, I'm pretty happy. As much as I love to get fancy, I truly am at my best in comfy cuteness. I learned to perfect the art of this during my pregnancy....leggings didn't really become "cool" again until Asher was a baby, so i'm sad to say I never wore leggings while I was pregnant. 

This shirt, actually, would be adorable on a pregnant mama. I love the mother earth print, and it's extra long for those of us who appreciate some hip coverage with our shirts.  You can see the shirt in Suzy's shop here, and read about her enterprise and her family here.

May all you mothers who are working this holiday season be blessed with abundance for your family. And may you all be wrapped in soft, comfy cotton clothes so that your body can be happy. 


  1. The top looks great on you! And what a cute outfit! I am all about comfy and cute also! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! ~Suzy

  2. Cute! I absolutely love the pairing of maroon with the green. Your leggings & cutoffs are so cute, i think i might have to try that look :)

  3. beautiful as always, sadie. love that shirt. :)

  4. It's funny how you can make this pretty simple look be so your own! So sweet!

  5. I loooove Soul Flower! So many comfy and cute clothes! You rock the shirt mama! <3


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