December 23, 2012

Giveaway Winner! (and light magic)

thank you thank you, all you wonderful women who entered our giveaway. i will announce the winner at the end of this post. i really wish you all could have won. just reading your comments makes me so happy, and each one feels like a gift. so thank you, truly. 

first, i wanted to post this glimmering glory that i found via Christy Jay at Ritual Mystic. What perfect imagery for the spirit and season that we are in. 

you can read more/ see more here, as well. 

now... the winner of the giveaway is Cat Diaz. yay! 

Melissa and I will send out the scarf and bolo tie very soon. 

Again, thank you to all who entered. thank you to everyone who reads this blog and who stops by to look or leave a comment. i hope these winter nights and holy days have you resting by fires and with tea, sitting with loved ones, laying in bed with books, or lavishing in your own solitude taking hot baths and hearing your heart speak. 

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  1. Happy times and cozy nights to you. I'm flippin roasting in my own skin here in the Southern's Christmas day and we're done with the morning gusto and family lunch - now on to a sleepy afternoon. xo


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