December 11, 2012

Kyra Bernauer :: Wild Lustre

Having recently fallen in love with Kyra and her amazing beadwork, I am so excited to feature her here on my blog and to showcase some of her gorgeous new photos. Earlier this year, I traded with Kyra for a pair of her earrings, and they are just as lovely as I had imagined - they just feel good to wear. recently Kyra's brand, Weave Gold, has joined with other forces to create the collective brand Wild Lustre.

tell me a little bit about yourself.

We are Wild Lustre, a collaboration of three individual crafty ladys from Boise Idaho. Kyra Bernauer, creator of Weave Gold Collection ( born and raised in Idaho. Emily Peyton, creator of Guilded Ember Collection also born and raised in Idaho and Bronwyn Leslie born in Alabama, a true southern bell who recently has been calling Idaho her home. Idaho is that conservative state that no one knows really where it is on that map but despite its right wing, middle of no-where rap, Idaho is one of the most beautiful, nature filled states we have. Living in Boise Idaho, we are an hour away from the full lush evergreen forests, twenty minutes from beachy lakes and reservoirs, 45 minutes away from desert sand dunes, prehistoric ice caves and gold mine, saloon ghost towns . Idaho has it all and is so beautiful and full of inspiration. 

tell me about your relationship with beading, how you started, what it means to you, etc. 

Us three ladies have always been crafty with our hands so beading came extremely easy for us. It was just a little over a year ago when Kyra and another friend got a book of brick stitch and it went from there. She taught Brownyn how to bead and with that, taught Emily. The three ladies became individually successful with their own lines and just recently decided to take it to the next step. You could say we have become obsessed with beading. Its our therapy and creative outlet. Beading on the brain. 

what elements and emotions influence your art?

Having three designers, we really have a versatile range of inspiration and outcomes. With ever evolving creations, we go through phases with our designs, from simple, clean, classy, the Lustre side of the creation and then to the more youthful, bright colors, native themed Wild side of Wild Lustre. Everyone has a sexy, sultry Lustre side to them as well as the Wild and funky. We try to bring that out in our jewelry, to have something for all women and our different personalities of who we are for that day.  

i first found out about WeaveGold about a year ago, and i've kept up with you mostly on Etsy and Instagram. tell me about your business process over the past year - how it's evolved and what you've learned, etc.
Over the past year, we have created so many different styles and we've figured out what works and what doesn't. Its a terrible feeling to spend many long hours into the night making something and in the end, it just doesn't work. But that's something we've accepted, it has to happen in order to make progress. Blood, sweat and tears really do go into some one our pieces. We have just created a Blog and a website is in the works. We hope to create an online catalog soon where boutiques can order wholesale, we'll have individual sales as well as custom orders and designs.  There's been talk about creating a clothing/lingerie incorporating beads but that's way in the future :)

I love your business name. is there a story behind it? 

Wild Lustre was a miracle name actually. We really wanted a name that represented all that we do and we were google-ing lustrous inspirations and we came across some beads with the name Luster so that stuck, then we wanted to word that sort of meant the opposite and we came up with wild. Again, we have the sexy, intriguing Lustre that hypnotizes you and the Wild, young, relatable fun side to us.  We are the kind of women who won't be happy in life unless we making something beautiful with our hands. and what better way to make a living than by selling your handmade creations and making people feel beautiful. And being free from a strict itinerary, being able to evolve and try new things as we go. In hopes that this is just the beginning for us, we are putting our souls, everything we've got into making this work and growing into something big.

Thank you to Kyra for this interview! 

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  1. What wonderful and creative ladies! It's always so exciting to see women joining together to share and expand their creativity and inspirations. And with such beautiful results! Wonderful work all around.
    Thanks for this Sadie.

  2. Wow! want list alert! there seem to be so many creative ladies up that way, must be a magical area.


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