December 21, 2012


Here are my photos. Perhaps I should have cut out some more, but I simply couldn't. These are what I want to share with all of you, an offering of golden light. 

It is this moment, when the darkness turns inward on itself and the light returns. the solstice, the celebration, the bright chill of winter. there is, in all of us, this light. and, too, there is the darkness. i am seeking my own light always, calling it in, though sometimes i settle sleepily into the dark corners of myself, waiting for the light to seek me, instead. 

this past year for me has been one with a lot of darkness. but it is true, that at the darkest hour we are closest to the dawn. there is so much truth in everything. this (the truth) is the light, this is my heart. i seek truth, i seek love, i seek myself. i offer you these photos as part of this story, as part of the pursuit of each of our hearts, of each of our respective and collective beacons in the storm.

"I only went out for a walk, and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." 

- John Muir

wardrobe: Lost Boys + Lovers
jewelry: Gather Jewelry
photography: Simon Weller

Again, endless thanks to Leora at Gather Jewelry and to Simon Weller. 


  1. i love these photo's! sassy and earthy and gorgeous!
    merry christmas sadie love. <3

  2. you are one hellavan awesome lady. every shot is gorgeous. i especially love the ones with the coat, with your eyes on fire. pure leonid.

    happy solstice amazing mama. i'm so glad to have 'met' you. xo

  3. beautiful. love the words you wrote. xo

  4. I like that John Muir quote...i feel like that sometimes. Like i don't want the outside to ever end. beautiful photos girl.

  5. amazing. i love the way the black lacy shirt contrasts with the wild, green pasture tone of the series.

    thanks for the solstice gift, src!

  6. These are absolutely beautiful! I loooove the sun flared ones! Wonderful wonderful wonderful!

  7. beautiful photos, as always. i love catching up with your blog... so inspiring!


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