December 16, 2012

Winter, winter

i think i have mentioned many times how much i love winter creeping in. i just returned home today from a couple days in tahoe, where winter is usually white and so so cold. while i love visiting, it is a bit of a relief to drop down into the lower elevations where the water isn't frozen and we can drive on clear roads. few things, however, will ever surpass the majestic beauty of snow.

a couple of weeks ago there was a big rain and windstorm that hit most of california, and it left us country folk without power for two days. it was quite the adventure, and we made the best of it - we grilled cheese and made tea on top of the woodstove, and on the second night we plugged one lamp into a tiny generator so that we could all read by the fireplace. 

after the storm let up, i went for a walk and took photos of the glorious life that springs up in this luxurious season of wetness. 

i can't get over the manzanita. it's almost obscene in it's sensuousness. 

last week i also had a trunk show in oakland at a dear friend's house - we had ghee, feng shui, jewelry, and my vintage and tonics that i recently made. it was so cozy and sweet - overall a perfect success. working with these two particular women was such an immense pleasure. we created a masterpiece!

these are more photos than i usually pack into one post, but i wanted to share them all. there is so much more, always, to say or to show. so many photos, capturing one elegant corner of a moment in time. so many words that could tell you how i feel in this moment - how it smells near the woodstove or out in the cold, wet dirt. or how grey and light the sky is, like the silver lining is upon us. 

tomorrow is Asher's first official day of christmas vacation and i am going to drink tea and clean the house all day. i cannot tell you how excited i am to clean my house. these are truly the joys of motherhood. 



  1. oh your salon was so i'm double dog danged for not getting fern to rally. LOVE the labels you made for the tonics too.

    i adore manzanita. i got the biggest heart pang on that first pic. whenever i walk through my favorite grove, i feel like i need privacy so i can get my feel on with the manzanita. i love rubbing off the flaking skin, but they are so LUSH in those post rain pics. thank you for sharing!

  2. Your woodstove is a hub of love....we have a woodburner but cannot cook on it. I love the cozy pictures you paint of your winter-time. It definitely brings people together. Nice post lady.

  3. It looks like it was a great event Sadie! Your bottles of tonic look gorgeous!
    I look the way rain washes the earth and then makes everything look new again. Your pictures are beautiful.
    Looks like you guy made some sweet memories around that wood stove :)

  4. Yummm. I love elderberry. Were you lucky enough to be able to harvest it wild?
    Oh and the labels are darling! Put a bird on it! :-)
    I hope your clean house is stoking you out.


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