January 16, 2013

flowers in her hair

over the weekend, i got together with my friend Hannah for an impromptu photoshoot/dress-up session.   i owe most of the motivation to her, honestly. but i'm so glad we did it! Hannah is an amazing painter (click on her link) and so she photographed me for painting inspiration. i photographed her in some vintage and also took a bunch of gorgeous photos just for fun. those i will upload and post very very soon. soooo pretty. 

for now, here are a couple that hannah took (and edited). she did the flower-hair pile, too. we took the photos at her aunt's sweet abode tucked away in the orchards in Chico. this experience was yet another lesson in remembering that motivating to collaborate with creative women is always, always a good idea. 

stay tuned for my photos, and also for an upcoming interview with Hannah. i want to share more of her art with all of you. 


  1. lovely friend. :) love the styling here.

  2. Yes. collaborating with beautiful artistic women is always a good idea. def. agreed.

  3. I love these photographs!! The flowers in your hair are gorgeous. Awesome collaboration.

  4. Oh my gosh, these photos are amazing!

  5. oh my gosh these photos are amazing, dear!


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