January 26, 2013

I saw it - a golden moon, large and rising

Tonight I was driving east, heading home from the bay area. Asher and I got to watch a gorgeous sunset: soft, pink and billowy - the clouds absorbed most of the light and held it sweetly as the sun went down. Then, on the other side of us, the moon began to rise. It was low, large and golden, and it came up as it always does - with true languid elegance, reminding me of how life can potentially be lived. 

I'm feeling the full moon, though. My sun sign is Leo and so I am drawn to anything leo - and this full moon is it. Are you feeling it? I checked out what Mystic Mamma had to say about it (the go-to blog for me in all things celestial) and here is a bit that I pulled from her (and she pulled it from another source):

The Full Moon in Leo occurs at 7 degrees on January 26th/27th, 2013. With the Sun in detached mind-oriented Aquarius while the Moon in dramatic heart-centered Leo, it is possible to initially experience a clashing of emotions under these specific astrological aspects that are a part of this Full Moon phase.”
“Emotions are bubbling high and low under this phase, yet precious illuminated insights will reveal themselvesthrough all of the conflict, clashes and perhaps overly dramatic interactions. Ultimately, the mind and heart is seeking union with each other during the Full Moon in Leo instead of remaining at odds.”
“Leo is a fixed mode of energy and a fire sign. This suggests self-expression and demonstrating how you feel is a natural part of this astrological sign. The sign of Leo also reminds each to embody love, have dignity and also have pride in what you express. That is, shine your best and authentic Self.”
“Life will not feel dull leading up to the Full Moon in Leo. Talk about it, feel it, and then finally make solid progress to grow from wherever you have limited yourself out of lack of self-love. It is very likely that with the Full Moon in Leo, individuals, the Inner Child Archetype or children may have strange or bizarre outbursts especially in a public setting. People may opt to do some pretty outlandish things when it comes to love and romance or declaring their feelings now. If you have been controlling your emotions or stuffing them down, they may come up and out through pressure or tension.”
“It’s as if you are battling an ancient pattern within yourself that you know you have wrestled with before many times over, or many lifetimes over. Isn’t it time to courageously face it? Trust yourself to do what is healthy and loving. There may be a lot of deep feelings running underneath that must be acknowledged. Drama verges on melodrama with the building up of emotions under the Full Moon in Leo. “
“One may want to ponder and address where the lack, limitation and restraint out of fear is showing up when it comes to love or expressing yourself authentically.”
“There is a sparkly potential to this Full Moon in Leo, that is one you find the extreme stuck spot or a few when it comes to love, emotions or self-expression, there is potential for an unexpected twist to unleash creative energy to freely flow. You have to be a bit innovative and creative rather than fixating on the old way for the unleashing of the energy and joy to happen.”
“The astrological sign of Leo also brings the message of listening to the joy and wisdom within the heart. This is Soul speaking through your deepest most genuine feelings. Similar to how little babies and children simply know to express  joy without reservations…”
“If you have felt like your love life has been lacking or withering away, this could be a time where you pay attention to yourself, relationship and marriage to add a bit of magic and love back into the mix. If you are single, do not fret, add the same love and romance towards yourself to become evermore increasingly magnetic for the special someone to find you.”
© Copyright 2013  Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved

What do you think? I am feeling the pattern and emotional response deep in my heart and also feeling my intellect trying to block it or rationalize it back down. I suppose I should let it come up. Hoping my own drama will not get melodramatic, as it mentions above - but I have been known to be melodramatic at times. Yes, it's true. Hard to believe, I know. 


Big blessings all of you beautiful lunar women out there. Such a joy to be riding these luminous waves and cycles with you, knowing that despite the distance between us, we are ruled by the same celestial being. 

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  1. The moon is pretty spectacular at the moment. And I for one have noticed it moreso than I normally would. It is as if I'm forced to stop and stare and marvel. I feel like I'm drinking in some great knowledge by being present with it. loves.


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