February 10, 2013

Far away

well, i did it. last week Asher and i got on a plane and we flew to Kauai. we are traveling together, mother and son, in a first-time, never-before-had adventure. we go on little adventures now and then - to the bay area and stuff - but this is, of course, very different. here there is so much more t i m e and so much more s p a c e to allow ourselves to l e t  g o of the things that tie up our every day being. 

this morning we awoke to two bright red birds stuck in the lanai in the house where we are staying. later in the day, a goat wandered into the yard and stared at her reflection in the side of a subaru, bleating, and then she ran off, hopefully toward home. 

in a valiant attempt at being even more adventurous tonight, i took Asher to a local show that ended up being terrible. so bad. jam band nightmare. we made it about 3 minutes and then asked the door guy for our cover charge back. he gave it to us, thankfully, because it was not cheap. i could go on and on about details of beach and sun, sand and fruit, but here are the most important things so far, in a nutshell:

wherever we go, our hearts follow
there is inspiration in the way that the ocean gives, then pulls firmly back
children should play in the ocean
the world is really big

here are some photos from the plane ride. i will post updated (read: more tanned) photos of us soon. 

in blog land, did you read my post on bartering? if not, you should - and you should leave a comment. Milla left a really long comment that I will probably re-post in a follow-up blog entry about the matter, since she is full of good ideas around it.  And speaking of Milla, she posted a doozy of a post today on love and marriage. real-life love stories are so profound. 


  1. oh wow! what an amazing thing to drop everything and go do. :) your babe is going to remember this stuff.
    i DID read your bartering post, and strangely, i can't figure out anything to say/offer. so often, your thoughts express my thoughts so well that i'd just be repeating you!

  2. awesome awesome awesome!!!! can't wait to see more of your trip! i miss the hawaiian islands SO much!! have an awesome time and safe travels! <3

  3. thanks ladies! i <3 u big time. every time you comment it is such a gift to my heart. xoxo


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