February 18, 2013

Make room for spring

I am still in Hawaii enjoying the last couple days of my trip and anticipating my homecoming to beloved California. Yay. Since I'll be home this week, I reactivated my shop, in which there are still a few items.  I am also having a mini sale via Instagram (@lostboysandlovers) where I'm selling off some awesome winter warm layers. Wool! bunny! cozy capes! Here are the items I'm selling - keep an eye on Instagram, and if you aren't on Instagram and want to buy one of these items, please email me at lostboysandlovers [at] gmail [dot] com. 

avant-garde black wool cocoon cota
1970s strawberry blond bunny fur bomber coat

white bunny fur coat

ivory wool poncho with knit collar

liz claiborne nightlife blazer

wool plaid poncho

collar detail

All items are $40 (plus shipping) except the ivory nightlife blazer, which is $20 (plus shipping). Many thanks to Hannah, my gorgeous model. 

I'm open to fantastic barter offers, too. and, on that note, I want to post here Milla's ideas on the barter system that she provided in response to my questions that I asked the other day:

1. Do not think of your or anyone else's goods in terms of what they'd sell for in the store, what you could sell them for, what it would cost to make them.

instead think of:

2. What something someone else made, collected, grew, concocted, is worth to you. For instance my boring old mustard (to me) can be traded for exciting and new fig jam! Which is someone else's boring old fig jam.

3. Don't think of the time it took you to make your stuff, think of the time it took the other person to make theirs. This will increase your appreciation of it. 

4. When you buy, you tend to think of need/want. Here you have the opportunity to explore and satisfy your needs and wants. New is just as valuable as tried and true. You get to try fig jam instead of raspberry.

5. Non monetary gains of bartering with friends and neighbors (or strangers). Connections, community building, local, organic, loved items. 

6. This is pretty much one of my core beliefs and informs a lot of what I try to do in my own community: TIME IS NOT MONEY. Ever. It's so shocking to me that people think of their own personal time as having value x therefor if it took them time x to make something its worth value x. Sure we all have to make rent and buy food, but beyond that we should do what we do out of love and fun and not think of it as billable hours.

7. Therefore, be fair. That's the only way this thing will work. Do not rejoice in a barter bargain unless it was a bargain for both parties. 

*Thanks, Milla, for sharing these points

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