February 16, 2013

Views and Perspectives

Here are some photos of what we've been up to lately. Asher is a champion of the ocean, and I never even knew it. I had never considered it. It's rare that I've even taken him to the ocean since we moved to California (I have, a few times) and when we used to go in Oregon, he was very small, and it was very cold. But here he will spend the whole day in the water, or running around in the sand creating statues with pieces of wood and shells. I admire him, actually. His energy and wild abandon when placed somewhere so free and glorious. The other day I caught myself sitting on the beach (in a sweatshirt) and watching him return again and again to the ocean as the waves brought him to shore. I was like that once, I thought, I was a child once and now I am not. Our children truly are the keepers of the future. in them, we invest our breath and being, our energy, our belief and beauty, and they carry it forth into the world for us. We watch them carry it gracefully, without thought, in their tiny bodies. 

We ventured the other day to the Kauai Hindu Monastery where we walked the grounds in a self-guided tour. At the entry way, there is a granite cauldron filled with ash. As we were getting ready to leave, one of the residents came up and asked if we had burned our troubles in the cauldron yet. He told Asher that any problems we have will disappear if we write them on paper and burn them in the cauldron. So, of course, we did. They provide a box of paper and a pen and lighter, and i tore a paper in half for me and Asher. 

I crammed almost more words than would fit on to my paper, trying to be succinct in expressing the tangle of emotions and thoughts that make up my "problems." I did okay. Asher handed me his paper, on which he had simply written, "I have growing pains in my knee."

And then together, we burned the papers. 


  1. such lovely scenery sadie!
    i'm glad that you and asher got to do such a lovely ritual. <3

  2. "I have growing pains in my knee." :D


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