February 10, 2013

Year of the Water Snake

Here we go! Today marks the first day of the new lunar year - the year of the water snake. Farewell, dragon year: thank you for your wild and challenging lessons that you brought on your wings. 

"This year let go of all attachments—emotional, mental, physical, financial, and spiritual- that may be holding you back. Transform them, like the Water Snake, into something of value that will help you move ahead to the next level of your be-ing.  As with anything, you must research your past to detect patterns and behaviors that no longer work for you in order to change the course of the future."  (source)

How about you? Are you excited for this new incarnation and cycle? I don't know much about the water snake year yet, but I will continue to pass on what I find out. 


  1. Letting go, like shedding a skin...


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