March 16, 2013

Blue light

Finally, my camera and cord came together in the same place at the same time. They had been hiding from each other for what seems like a long time.

there is a thrift shop here where old ladies volunteer their time, and as i peruse the aisles, I eavesdrop on their conversations about husbands needing back surgery, the upside and downside of sleep medications, the amazing feats of grandchildren. 

occasionally i find some very satisfying treasures there. 

for so long i have been meaning to post about my wonderful package from Teeny. she posted about mine a long time ago. the package was filled with many delights, most of them custom-picked, intuitively, to perfection. this handmade mobile/window hanging is my most favorite of all the delights that were in that box. i love it so much. it is so special to have a beautiful handmade gift cross the ocean to come live in my house with me.

also, you guys - Barbara Kingsolver has stolen my heart entirely. No no, that's not the right way to put it. Rather, I have been reading every Barbara Kingsolver book I can get my hands on, and they are filled with stories that were already in my heart....I just hadn't heard them yet. She pulled them from the earth for me so that I could remember them. 

Are you into Kingsolver? If so, which are your favorite stories? Prodigal Summer is what first captured me, but the three books pictured here were so good. I couldn't put them down, but I didn't want them to end, either. My sense is that many of her tales resonate with mothers most strongly....but perhaps I'm wrong. What do you think?


  1. oh! your gift from teeny is so pretty! she is quite the creative gal isn't she?! i just received a beautiful package from her yesterday :D

  2. hello lovely. the only kingsolver I've read is animal vegetable mineral and the poisonwood bible.loved those though. and I love your camera and cord. and teeny's creativity.

  3. hello :-) i've only read the poisonwood bible and LOVED it! greetings from austria! marina

  4. i didn't discover barbara until i became a mother, so i think i'm a bit biased. my favorite is animal dreams...actually, that's one of my favorite books of any author, hands down.

  5. Hi Sadie! Your beautiful photos made the mobile look extra worldly. Ah, I've only read The Poisonwood Bible, and loved it for it's originality and truthfulness; I'm keen to pick up her latest not sure of the title, saw it in a bookshop, asked for it for Christmas from man, and didn't get. x

  6. That mobile is beautiful! What a wonderful gift.
    I haven't read any Kingsolver novels! I might look into it now that you gave them such a great little review. Thanks lady!

  7. hi sadie love ~ barbara kingsolver also holds a very special place in my heart... my fav is one of her newer novels the lacuna. Probably because it involves frida kahlo. Another author you might enjoy: isabel allende. i'll have to tell you the beautiful synchronicity between daughter of fortune and the birth of my oldest. with love ~

  8. I'm off to read some Kingsolver reviews on Amazon right now. Thank you for the inspiration!

    & those packages full of treasures between you and Teeny are so special. I'm thinking of arranging my own bloggers package swap pretty soon so I'll keep you posted ^.^

  9. I've read a lot of Barbara kingsolver, just thrifted The Lacuna which I suspect I'm going to love. I read all her books before I became a mother and they still resonated strongly, but then again I kinda feel like ice always been a mother. :) teenys mobile is GORGEOUS, and yes I love when your camera finds her cord!


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