March 9, 2013


Thank you lovely ladies for commenting on my last post. thank you also to those who read and did not comment. it is exciting to share such personal stories and have them be received so lovingly.

tonight I am resting with tea in bed, planning more heart-felt blog posts and wishing i hadn't left my book in the car, all the way outside, where it is cold. 

I found these photos and had to share. Since the doors to Frida's closet opened, she is everywhere, even more than before: a fierce force in feminine ways, in wild expression, in truth and power.

I am excited for Sunday, the certain restfulness, the morning tea, the afternoon sun. What do you plan to get done on Sunday? do you do things on sundays? or do you take the day absolutely off? For good measure, here is what we'moon has to say about the day:

Sunday, March 10: Keep the agenda low, sweet and sacred. Swim around in the psyche, retrospect and compost. Ask what needs forgiveness and release as the Moon conjuncts Neptune and Mercury in Pisces. Easy and natural adjustments can be made by to changed circumstances, but although we’re flexible, don’t push; abuse will not be forgotten.


  1. oh how i love frida. who does not love frida? whenever i'm laid out in bed with problems, i think of her and find strength.
    i am not doing anything today, save for lying around with my husband until my son comes home from grandma's house. :)

  2. please tell me about the dresses

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I love your comments. Thank you thank you for leaving them for me to read and love.