April 10, 2013

Breakfast Soup and Spring Liver Cleansing

At the request of a few of you, I am doing a more in-depth post about my recent liver cleanse that I mentioned (and its accompanying Breakfast Soup).

I kept the cleanse pretty simple and did it for seven days. i at mostly vegetables and fruit, with a little bit of protein - but i kept salt and honey at a low, and i didn't eat any grains. amazing, right? i did have one slice of this bread. If you have not ever had this bread, i highly recommend it. it's delicious toasted (or fried in butter) and is one of the healthier "breads" you can eat. when i was in high school, after many adventures in trying to heal my acne, i was ultimately successful with a major liver cleanse recommended by a naturopath. Rye was the only grain i was allowed to eat at that time. 

So for this week, i took about a teaspoon of psyllium husk in apple sauce each morning. I also drank a lot of green tea and eliminated black tea (and coffee, but i don't really drink coffee). dandelion tea and nettles tea are also recommended. for breakfast, i would have a poached egg and steamed greens (or raw greens) and a tiny bit of salt. the whole week, i took a special liver tincture three times daily (mine was from my naturopath, but you can get one at the health food store, make your own, etc.) I recommend medicating with milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, burdock root. 

for lunch, i ate very lightly - usually apples and carrots with almond butter, maybe a salad with nuts. then for dinner, i'd have more salad with nuts, or more greens, or lentils. i made a pot of chicken broth with a chicken carcass i'd had in the freezer, and simmered it very low for a long time. once the broth was done, i put kale and bok choi in it, as well as the lentils, which i had cooked separately. this pot of soup fed me many meals throughout the cleanse, and also became my Breakfast Soup. 

The Breakfast Soup was the above foundation, and then i would ladle some of it into a small pot and re-heat it in the morning. When it was hot, I would drop an egg in and let the egg poach in the soup (yum) and add some fresh tomato. After that, I'd put it in my bowl, and add a hearty spoonful of coconut oil and a bit of fresh lemon juice. When I had it, I'd add freshly chopped cilantro or parsley. That's it! Breakfast soup! I loved the richness that the oil and egg gave it. So yum. 

In a nutshell, here are some points from my cleanse (I got all my info from a friend, and i'm so thankful for her guidance):

psyliium husk in the morning, along with your tincture and or/medicinal tea
breakfast of greens and protein, or something like that
lots of fruits and veggies
avoid bananas and oranges (high sugar content)
low salt and low honey in meals and drinks
prepare broths, bone broths
eat your legumes
nuts! almond butter and apples were a great portable snack for me
drink lots of water
don't eat before bed
exercise daily
appreciate yourself and your body
drink green tea and nettles tea throughout the day

*i also add a teaspoon of coconut oil or ghee to my green tea when i am craving that richness. so delicious.

As i moved through the cleanse, I noticed that I had much more energy and began to crave less sugar (hallelujah). I also stopped getting that "i'm going to collapse if i don't eat right now" feeling....probably because i was being more aware of my diet, eating more consistently, and not relying on sugar for energy. it was really awesome. you can adapt this cleanse to however feels best for you and do it as long as you want. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!


  1. wow! that soup looks incredible! and coconut oil in tea, i think i may need to try that.

  2. i think i'll do this through next week and see how i feel. i can use all the help in the world, right? :)

  3. This read so kindly Sadie....you made it sound really gentle and part of being good to oneself.

  4. Yes!! Thank you for sharing this! I have pinned it and can't wait to hit the grocery store to gather up the ingredients >.<

  5. inspiring! happy for these tips. sadly, I made bone broth last weekend and made the mistake of using glass jars (i let it cool completely but), they cracked in the freezer! messy broth mess! xo m


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