April 21, 2013

here and there

i am trying to go to bed earlier on school nights. it makes life so much better. moms, what time do you go to bed? what time do you wake up? praise be the weekends, right?

here is one corner of my house at night, with all the lamps on. i L O V E lamps. if you have ever lived with me, you already know this. generally, when moving in with anyone, the first thing i do is go on a lamp rampage (yes, i know you're thinking it - lampage!) and make sure that all corners are properly lit with a soft, glowing lamp so that the big, awful overhead lights can stay off all the time unless there is an emergency (splinter removal) or unless you are crafting out and the low light just truly won't do. i am also staunchly opposed to fluorescent bulbs. you can get on your enviro soap box all you want, but i have my reasons, and they are good reasons. incandescent bulbs are my happy place.


a  few weeks ago i took Asher with me to the Bay Area and took him to the Japanese Tea Garden; he'd been wanting to see Koi fish, and so I knew just the place. I grew up in Oakland (well, for a while), so my mom used to take me to the tea garden, and i have the fondest memories of it: the bridge, the fish, the cafe's cups of tea and the small plates of crackers. 

that face! making this kid pose for photos these days is no easy task, i tell you. 

today it was incredibly hot here. i felt like I was in a daze all day (allergies? pms?), moving in and out of sunny spots and passing out every time i laid down on one of my many strategically-placed yard blankets. then i would come inside and eat, then i would go back and lay in the sun and have fleeting dreams. today was a day of channeling my inner cat spirit. some days are like that. what a blessing that i can have days like this.  


  1. I'm sorry I missed your call love. Oh hot hot heat, I can't really even imagine it...
    Laps are the best! I wish we had more. Soft light.

  2. You are so right about getting to bed earlier making life better but I still find it hard to do most days! Mainly because I want to have alone uninterrupted time for myself and to spend with my man. I SHOULD go to bed around 10-10:30 in order to feel refreshed in the mornings, I wake up at 7 am every day, but I usually end up in bed at 11-11:30.
    Pretty lamps!
    The garden looks BEAUTIFUL

  3. i think we're sharing the same sort of day. i am infinitely hungry and tired and having trouble just moving. your home looks beauuutiful; i love all that glowing light.

  4. I adore lamplight but seem to be pretty crappy at arranging them in any soft hue inducing way. I really like the peek into your bathroom with the fairy lights in fabric over the mirror!
    Sleep is such a fondly remembered thing from my pre-kid past. I go to bed too late these days, trying to snatch as much "me time" as i can before sleep. Waking whenever Mia wakes us -not long before 7am. Cute photo of you and Asher.

  5. hahaha! I am a lamp maniac too! it's sooo much prettier. you can't get that frontier brothel effect going without a million lamps! hmmm. bedtime.. it's such a struggle cuz the minute my little one falls asleep I am suddenly amped. I try for 10 but it's usually closer to 11 or even 12... and then up at 6:30am...


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