May 17, 2013


I have been having so much fun lately taking pictures for my shop. my newest model, Amanda, is such a pleasure to work with, and something about seeing my clothes come to life on a real body is just so exhilarating for me. that's why i love selling clothes. i love this whole process. 

My shop has taken so many different forms over the past several years....many different models, settings, etc. sometimes i find myself resisting the change and feeling like it HAS TO BE a certain way. but really, i don't think it does. as long as it's going, it's going. resisting the change is always akin to getting stuck. 

so anyways, cheers to change - the most consistent flow of them all. 


  1. Absolutely! Follow your intuition! Everything you do is always authentic and amazing. Loving the new banner image too!

  2. The latest few groups of photos you posted for the shop.....i can see some genuine happy and joy coming from them. there is life in those pics, so you're doing well. Resisting change and getting stuck....i like that way of explaining it.


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