May 7, 2013

Where I can see the light

The other day we hiked up to Bald Rock to watch the sunset and to see the world. What a beautiful view; it is almost as though we are up with the birds, but really they are still so much higher, cruising on the winds. 

In California last week it was epically hot, as though July had just landed early for a visit. The dust and pollen hung suspended in the air, and the fires began to rage. I could smell them from my house. And then, yesterday, it rained. It was an answer to so many prayers and the water fell, pulling to earth all that needed to come down. the plants rejoiced and the ground beneath my feet expanded once again. the rain is a good reminder to take a breath before we leap forth into the wild blossoming, the heavy fruit.


  1. looks like such a beautiful spot!

    and i was giddy at yesterday's rain! i sat out on the porch to enjoy the thunder and lightning up close, realizing how much i missed the profuse spring and summer rain of the part of my childhood spent in florida. this morning everything feels so much cleaner and hopeful.

  2. beautiful light and view. :)

  3. What a beautiful sight!! Oh how I love the smell of wet soil...especially after long hot days.
    You're wearing the earrings I made! :) They look beautiful on you! xo

  4. Oh my gosh! California sunlight! So special, so gorgeous. Just like you ;)

  5. I'm so glad you all got rain...I worried for my Californian friends when i heard about those fires.
    We have rain as well today,with the cold that the Southerly wind brings.

  6. Great pictures and what a fun hair shot of fun hair playing in the wind


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