June 12, 2013

A quick question

Fellow blogger babes and dear readers:

What is the best way to "reply" to comments? As readers, do you go back to the post and see if your comment has been replied to? 

I really want to reply to people, but I know that when i comment, I often forget to return to the original post to see the reply.

Bloggers - what do you do? also - for example, on Milla's blog, she is able to "reply" as a subpost to someone's comment. why can't i do that? how do i do it? i feel like i looked in my settings to no avail. Sigh. 

Please - drink your coffee and ponder this question. any answers are very much appreciated. I really love reading everyone's comments. 

image source unknown. please link if you know!


  1. love this image, hot babe. I think it's 'cos your comment box opens into a separate window. try changing your comment set up, maybe? I'm so not a internets wizard but it could work...love.

  2. I have the EXACT same question! I wish there was a way to know when your comment has been replied to. I usually have to go back and check if I got a reply... and that's if I remember!
    I would love for my readers to know I responded to them too!

  3. THIS is why I want to move. There are absolutely no boulders surrounded by forest upon which to have my coffee in my SF hood.

    I used to always reply in my own comments, and I liked the dialogue it sometimes created. But it honestly became a chore-ish obligation. A lot of folks never checked back, and others became hurt if I didn't respond to every single comment, so I finally stopped. Now I try to reply back on other people's blogs, or email directly and every so often still write in my own comment section. xo

  4. what a great coffee moment bolders and all. SF has probably better coffee but as Terra stated no bolders to feed the soul.

    no reply neceessary.

  5. oh I also wanted to come back and say that I like the option but only reply to comments occasionally. Replying to every single "cute shirt!" comment, as happy as they make me, isn't really productive or communicative. But sometimes it's fun to chat on actual topics and tips.

  6. I still go back and reply to each comment that is left on my site because I like to interact with my readers. However, like you said if I ever want to see if someone has replied to a comment I left I still have to go back to that blog post and check. I know that some sites have the option of where if you subscribe by email you will be notified when someone replies to your comment. Maybe that's something that you could check into...

  7. hmmmm, this is something i wonder about too. i almost never check to see if a comment i've made has been responded to, and it didn't dawn on me until a couple years into blogging that some readers/commenters expect that. anyway, i wish there were a better answer! i love the dialogue FEELING of great blog posts, and always feel like i've had a nice coversation when commenters post long comments on one of my posts. then i go read their blog and write something, but a lot of times it's unrelated :/ anyway it's always so nice to see what you've posted here and i hope that all sweet bloggers resist the feeling of obligation or pressure to do things a certain way, and just do whatever works for them at the time.


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