June 24, 2013


though i grow older each year and summer vacation is not what it was when i was in school, it still holds for me the promise of magic and bliss. in summer, we find so many things that we have lost along the way (oh, hi, boundless joy. oh there you are, carelessness). it seems that summer is a journey into the brightest part of our own center; it is the golden honey hidden in the cupboard of seasons, it is the warm light through the window in the morning, it is the crisp, sweet wetness of the watermelon's heart. 

summer is the lover that inspires poetry, even in solitude. it is heartbreaking by nature: the long days, the warm nights, the dreams that glitter between river and sun, the ripeness of everything, the richness, the colors.

in summer we chase the water. each moment is orchestrated around the next time that we can be in the water. where? with whom? how long can we be there? how far must we drive? who can carry the food to the shore so that we can stay until we tire?

i think it is this closeness to the metaphor that is so freeing for us in this season - that we can be in the rivers and creeks is a relief; no more trying to let go and be in the flow, we just are. finally it is june: the elements have aligned and we can simply walk into the middle of the river and stay there.


  1. Lovely words from an even lovelier enchantress. Thank you for sharing Sadie!

  2. honey in the cupboard of the seasons might just be my new favorite metaphor, ever. also this: we can simply walk into the middle of the river and stay there.


  3. oh how i love this!!!

    although rivers aren't an option, the ocean is. and i will be heading there this afternoon and staying to watch the sun set.

  4. You are a georgeous word-smith.
    Seriously, what was the conversation that preceded that picture of Ahser?
    looks like a great river celebration, summer is always the best i wish it would come
    here again. high of 57 today~

  5. you have captured the feelings of joy and weightlessness and freedom that this dreamy season offers with abundance. this blog post is my song of summer and you are the pied piper beckoning me in.

  6. Exactly right...lovely lovely lovely, sweet one! Thank you. <3

  7. aaah...magic, just magic, girl...


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