June 3, 2013

Most of the time

I've been thinking that I should do outfit posts. it's such a fun part of the blogosphere - one that i really actually enjoy.  I love seeing pictures of all you ladies in cute clothes, you know? So anyway, i've been thinking about that. I used to do outfit posts occasionally, but it's been a while. 

And the truth be told, usually my outfits are reaallly really simple. not necessarily blog-worthy. generally, when i'm getting dressed in the morning, i ask myself two questions: one, is it stretchy? and two, does it need a bra?

Ah yes, the life and times of sadie-style. this is not to say i don't get cute or dressed up sometimes. of course i do. i just also wear a lot of spandex and tank tops in all the times between then. nonetheless, i will try to show my face (and maybe some outfits) around here more. here i am the other day in very stretchy jeans and a tank top...about to carry a big load of stuff to the car for afternoon errands. you know how that goes!

Summer around here is awesome because it is so hot that one can wear practically nothing. the wearing of nothing-ness in summer is one of my favorite things, since i was tiny. of course, if one leaves the house, one must wear some things. 

there is so much to be said for comfort and flexibility in clothing. there is also so much to be said for really rocking it out with some cute/crazy digs. like most things in my life, my own personal styles come in waves; the inspiration and creation ebbs and flows. i have found that as a mother, i must be able to bend, carry, climb, and run at almost any moment in whatever i decide to wear. this is why my uniform of leggings + boots has been with me for soooo long. what about you? what's your mom steez? do you love taking your jeans off at the end of the day, or could you live in them? or are you part of the radical i-don't-own-jeans club??


  1. Now I'm part of the radical i-don't-own-jeans club
    did a bit of jeans when everyone was younger.

    Presently jeans have too many seams and not enough flow.

    Love the warm summers I am wearing cashmere at the moment waiting for the warmth to come.

  2. Haha, heck yes, being a parent... I have to be able to bend over and lift my legs up and occasionally run fast and walk through mud in my clothes (thank you whoever invented boots). Most of all I LOVE what you said about Summe being awesome because of the "wearing of nothing-ness". I lived in Australia for several years, and that was my favourite thing about Summer (it is so hot there) - and it was no big deal because noone else is wearing much either. I miss that. You're beautiful!


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