June 11, 2013

The way June goes

like many of you, i cannot believe we are well on our way to the middle of June. Asher's last day of school is on friday, and so i must frantically gather last-minute pieces for costume, and plan large plates of food for potlucks. and then begins the glorious summer vacation - a land where time transforms and delight hides in our very fingertips.

last weekend we had an epic heat wave, broken by an epic thunderstorm. the thunder yesterday was so loud and large that it shook my little house. not as much as the earthquake last month, but enough to hear a few glasses rattle. needless to say, an alarm clock was not needed yesterday morning. the thunder was our wake up call.

around here, things have been really nice. i know that's a bit of a trite way to put it, but it's true. there have been berries and cherries, rivers and naps, books at the park, and hibiscus popsicles.

and of course, vintage dresses:

roses in the garden, blooming late with the deepest red:

this is what happens after all day at the river:

yard time:

beans drying:

my alien calendula plant that grew flower tentacles off of its dying flower! has this ever happened to any of you? i've been growing calendula for ages and have never seen anything like it. i think it's awesome:

there are other things i should mention, and will in another post. like the fact that today is day 11 of my 30-day whole foods cleanse! very excited about this and i've had a lot more energy thanks to a big increase in calories and a decrease in sugar. but let me tell you how much i miss sugar: SO MUCH SO BIG A LOT. sugar is my favorite lover, the sweetest comfort, my beloved companion of all time. it's a hard one to get over. maybe at the end of the 30 days i will miss it less? who knows. 

other things worth mentioning in other posts include, but are not limited to: summer plans, swimsuits, best swimming spots, more vintage dresses, tea with friends, farmers markets, and lofty dreams. 

hope you are well and that you, too, are enjoying the fruits of summer. 


  1. Looks like a wonderful start to the summer.

  2. PERFECT Summer photos Sadie. Especially Asher slumbering; kids all knackered out after a day of fun = pure pleasure. I tried to grow Calendula my Summer just gone, and it didn't do very well at all - I think I bought a sick plant...or maybe wrong soil conditions or something. Anyhow, I think "really nice" captures the restful cruisy tone of Summer days well. Sugar is my kryptonite. I'm substituting with Xylitol right now - and found that i'm buying a sh*tload of chocolate to make up for missing the sugary goodness in my hot drinks (it's winter here). xo

  3. If I decrease sugar I MUST increas fat in the form of cream, ghee, olive or coconut oil are my faves. Also there is TCHO 99%cacao no nothing added that with a dip of ghee and salt is heaven.

    sugar is my kryptonite also and my favoite addiction, better than crack or herion (for everyone) i am sure. as always it is good to give up sugar for a while once the binging gets too strong. but I always go back at some point.

  4. My sweet tooth was going crazy during my raw food cleanse~ I was adding LOTS of honey and coconut to my smoothies >.<


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