June 15, 2013

The Whole Foods Cleanse: Day 14

ooookay. first of all, thanks for all the comments on my post about comments. i changed my settings (to "embedded") which means that now i can, in fact, embed a reply comment below a comment that you leave. so, this means that if you comment, and if i reply, and if you come back to check, then boom! we're all taken care of. ha. seems like we will just have to mostly throw that one to the wind, and trust that conversations flow as they need. 

second, i mentioned briefly in my post before that that i'm doing a whole foods program this month. for 30 days. i started on June 1.

i have been on a long journey of adrenal repair since last October. i feel almost all the way better. thanks to lots of things - including adressing various stressors, herbal treatment, nutrition, etc. but i haven't yet felt back to my full, 100% capacity. and my 100% is really awesome. i can do a lot of rad shit when i'm fully functioning. i've been wanting to do a longer cleanse for a while, and so with the help of my friend Sophie, a nutritional therapy practitioner in Portland, i am finally doing it. 

for me, i wanted help. having someone else create a system with me makes it easier for me to stick with it. although i hate to admit it, being accountable to someone else makes me more committed for the long haul. if i had constructed the cleanse myself, my rules might be more flexible, more easily broken. weird but true, and i'm sure many of you can relate. so! after a thorough nutrition evaluation, sophie helped me devise a plan for 30 days. THEN, she sent me a sh*tload of documents to support my process: i have a checklist, a shopping list, a snack list, lots of recipes, a general outline about what to eat, etc. i love these documents. this is exactly what i needed that i wouldn't have had on my own. 

a primary goal for me was to take a break from my sugar addiction. this 30 days includes no sugar OR sweeteners; fruit is my only sweetness. why yes, i did say no honey (!). i eat so much honey in my daily life, it's amazing. another focus (that i wasn't aware of, thank you, Sophie) - is that i need more calories. i don't eat enough calories and i eat too much sugar and that, my friends, is a recipe for weakness and exhaustion - especially for us mamas. this means i'm eating protein and fat with every meal, and loading my tea and my meals with coconut oil, ghee, and butter.

i'm glad i'm writing about it now, actually. i've been keeping a really general track sheet of my days and how i feel, but i haven't really gotten into it. 

here are some benefits that i feel most strongly so far:
  • more energy. i cannot really convey how much this means to me. i feel stronger, and more able to complete a "day in the life"
  • more farmer's market. for optimum health, i've been going to the marked once to twice weekly and sourcing the majority of my food there. it feels good to support the locals and to really, really connect in with what's seasonal. 
  • better food for Asher. yep. keeping myself healthy means that i'm making my kid healthier, too. 
  • more creativity in the kitchen. eating only meat and vegetables makes me way more creative with what i make (i.e. toast is not a meal, even with avocado on it). i also notice i'm being better at using everything i have in the fridge. that feeling of "there's nothing to eat" has nearly vanished, and i see now how that sense is kind of tied into a mode of laziness around food.
  • more m e l l o w. the short-temperedness/impatience that i am familiar with has lessened. a lot. and when i do start to feel it, it seems softer, less overpowering. i can meet it in the middle now and look at it and take action, rather than completely collapsing in its presence. this is invaluable - you know how it goes with the kiddos. i hate being snappy, it's the worst.
as you can tell, it's pretty awesome so far. i haven't even really suffered from major sugar cravings, except for two days when it was gray and cloudy. of course, i often think about what i'll do after my 30 days - like eat some brownies. this whole program also has me thinking about ways to really shift my health and nutrition so i can live better. i want to feel strong and energetic all the time. always. i have this capacity. i'm not one for obsessive diets, but i do trust myself to maintain a balanced approach to support my body and what it needs. 

with all that being said, i'm  proud of myself for making it to the halfway mark and i'm very very excited to go the whole 30 days. i've never done anything like this before. 

i will post about this again soon - there are many other things i could discuss, such as: bone broth, fermented foods, cellulite, dry brushing, fruits, and sleep.  oh yeah, and exercise.

if you have any questions or if there is any specific aspect of this you'd like for me to discuss, by all means, please let me know!

p.s. you can see in the photos that i have indeed had some coffee. caffeine is allowed in moderation, and i'm keeping it very minimal. i've been putting a lot of butter and coconut oil (or ghee) in it, plus coconut milk. can i just say, wowwww. also, the last photo is some GF tempura sushi that i made for Asher.

Edit/Update: If you would like to get in touch with Sophie to schedule a nutritional consultation, you can email her at smellbitetaste [at] gmail [dot] com


  1. oh s**t toast isn't a meal? I live for toast...I breathe toast...I could ONLY eat toast with lotsa butter and be kinda happy....this blog post made me feel rather bad about my sugar intake...best of luck and I very much should take some of this on board...:)

  2. This makes me want to have Sophie be my food police she sounds awesome and the food you are making looks great. I have been making chicory and see that kind of coffee press would be perfect to make it.


  3. Sounds like eating well is doing you a world of good! I need to do the same, I've been so lazy recently!


  4. I love every bit of this post Sadie. Sophie sounds rad, she has my dream job! How wonderful for you to have some really sound advice and a structured plan for this month long journey. You have inspired me to go for the whole month when I do my next cleanse! I love your point about accountability too, I think even writing about it in your blog will spur you on too, I find when I post about my aspirations it's my little contract with the word and I feel duty bound to see it through. Good luck in this path, I'm right behind ya! Xx

  5. sounds exciting! way to go! i need to get back on track with my eating...the last couple of months have been pretty bad :( and thata hard boiled egg looks yummy. i think i need to go make some :)

  6. Is there any way that you could link me some information to your friend Sophie? I have been having terrible dietary related digestive issues and have been seeking a good nutritionist!

    1. Hi! I added her email address to the post, since I don't know how to contact you. I hope you see this comment. thanks for reading.


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